How To Use


  1.  Remove – “Security Doorstopper" from packaging.
  2.  Open feet by removing plastic strip. Warning feet may spring open with force.
  3.  Press down on dark grey buttons, on the side of the main body, and rotate handle until it locks into appropriate position over footpad.
  4.  Place "Security Doorstopper" beside door, ready to use whenever someone knocks on your door
  5.  Dispose of all rubbish responsibly.


  1.  To open your door safely and inspect who's there, place the Security Doorstopper 4 inches (10cm) behind closed door; and 6 inches (16cm) in from edge of door: (Approximately under door handle). Keep a firm hold of Security Doorstopper handle at all times.
  2.  Place your foot on rear foot pad whilst holding Security Doorstopper handle firmly and use your body weight to hold the foot pad in position, open the door carefully and allow base of door to slide up onto the wedge. (Note the bottom of door must be in contact with the top face of the wedge to operate correctly)
  3.  The "Security Doorstopper" is designed to allow you to partially open the door and inspect who is at the door. If you know the person and want to let them in simply close the door, remove the "Security Doorstopper" and reopen the door.
  4.  If you open the door and an intruder tries to enter ensure you continue to keep sufficient downward force on the footpad and a firm grip of the Security Doorstopper handle, reclose and lock the door if possible. Attempt to push the Security Doorstopper in closer to the door and call for assistance.

*Note before initially using the Security Doorstopper, test that the Security Doorstopper works on your door, check to ensure that the gap between door and floor is sufficient to allow the Security Doorstopper wedge to fit between bottom of the door and floor and work effectively. Always ensure that bottom of the door is in contact with the wedge and that sufficient downward force is applied to footpad to operate the Security Doorstopper correctly.

**Disclaimer the Security Doorstopper does not reinforce the door itself. Any door may be broken with enough force.

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